Mifflinburg 5k Race History

Tom Muchler Photo

The Mifflinburg 5K 4th of July Race was the brain child of our founder, Tom Muchler (pictured above), who with a small group of supporters and sponsors organized the initial race thirty years ago. Tom, a dedicated runner, community servant, organizer, and networker was the race director until his death in May of 2002. By then a cohesive committee of volunteers was able to continue to carry on the race tradition.

The Mifflinburg 5K 4th of July Race is an outgrowth of the Mifflinburg 4th of July Committee which serves as the race's umbrella group. The 4th of July Committee is the organizing entity for all activities that go on in Mifflnburg on July 4th from the morning race, to the tennis tournament, to events in the park including the pet parade, children's games, food stands, afternoon chicken barbecue, bingo, and an evening concert which concludes with a large fireworks display. The money that is raised from the race supports the above activities that take place throughout Independence Day each year.

While the race had humble beginnings its growth has been the result of tireless organization by the committee and a dedication to insuring that runners receive quality premiums and treatment. As a result of this cornerstone the race has grown over our thirty years from a relatively unknown local run of around 125 participants to a popular area run with well over 700 runners. We are told that we are the largest race in our four county area of Central Pennsylvania. We feel that this is partially due to a combination of the treatment runners receive at the race as well as the fact that it occurs on a day when families enjoy being together. It is common to see fathers and mothers run with one or more of their children, some just running the race for the first time and others who now reminisce as adults about their first 4th of July run with a parent. We are proud to be a part of their traditions and memories!